Friday, June 13, 2008

This is a new adventure

Life in my fifties has definitely been an adventure. It has allowed me to view the world through a new pair of glasses, which is a very pertinent cliche'. I have admired audacious people all of my life, and now I have become one.

Since my move to the Austin area six years ago, I have been given the opportunity to explore some really interesting avenues. I still work for the government of Texas but now I’m in a professional position that I thoroughly enjoy and work with people that I like and respect.

I joined a Red Hat Society group called ‘The Pfancy Pfriends of Pflugerville’, a very outrageous group of women that I love and trust. We travel together, shop, go to plays, play cards or go out to eat together at least twice a month. We also dress up in our purple outfits and big, frilly red hats and talk and giggle like school girls; it is the world’s best stress reliever.

I joined a small church in Round Rock and have gotten to know some really sweet people. They’ve even asked me to join the leadership team and made me the lead for the training team, which is fun and interesting. I’m still very active in AA, with over twenty seven years of sobriety.

My son, Demian, has been divorced more than two years now. He is engaged to a very nice girl, named Kindrea. They are getting married October 25th, in Denver. He’s still working for the Venetian Jewelry company but he’s hoping to find a position there in Denver soon.

I’ve had some really harrowing experiences on a dating web site that has taught me some very good lessons. I will write about this at a latter time.

I have a website where I post articles that I’ve written; it’s Most of the articles are about my travels, which I thoroughly enjoy. I haven’t let my walking disability keep me from seeing the world. As a matter of a fact, I’m taking my 83 year old mother on a cruise down the Danube River in six weeks. We’re even going to spend a couple of days in Transylvania! I can hardly wait.

Please join me in this wonderful trudge through latter life experiences.

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Packsaddle said...

You have such a great attitude.

I wish you all good things in life.