Monday, June 16, 2008

On-line Dating Services

This can be an experience in itself. It’s tricky to get back into the world of dating when you’re a woman in your fifties.

I consider myself a very courageous woman and thought I’d give it a try. Some very interesting things have happened. I’ve spoken by e-mail to a number of men but when they learn what I do professionally, I never hear from them again. (I’m a counselor for the state of Texas). I think what men are looking for when they sign up on these things is a girl with mush for brains.

I did talk to man that seemed nice for quite a while. He said that he lived in California and was soon moving to the Austin area. After we had talked for a while he told me he was going on a business trip to Africa and he’d contact me after he got back. Well, after about a week he contacted me and asked if I’d do him a favor. I said I’d try and he said that he was having a problem with the banks there in Africa and wondered if he could send me some money orders for $5,000 which he wanted me to deposit in my account and then transfer the money to his account. I thought that sounded OK, so I told him yes.

When I got the money orders I took them to my bank. Luckily a sharp lady at Bank of America helped me. She recognized that the money orders were forgeries and kept me from transferring the money into his account. I mean if she hadn’t caught that I’d have been in the red $5000!

I now don’t trust anyone I meet on-line!

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April Boland said...

That is awful! You do have to be careful these days.